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  • ¬†Senioritis can adversely affect your college admission. Hang in there, keep studying, and continue your good academic performance.
  • If you have been waitlisted or deferred by one of your college choices, send them your 7th semester grades and/or any new test scores. Email them a short statement of your continued interest in attending and why their college is a good fit for you.
  • Use a financial aid comparison tool – College Board’s, for example – to determine which is the best package, not just the most money.
  • April decisions require action on your part. Do you need to re-visit certain colleges? If you are waitlisted and truly want to attend that college, contact them as indicated above.
  • May 1 is the date you must notify your college of choice that you will attend. It is also important to email the other colleges where you submitted applications that you will not be enrolling. Submitting a deposit at more than one college only prolongs your decision-making and is against NACAC student guidelines.
  • Request your final transcript be sent to your college of choice.
  • Happy Graduation!