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Consulting - Mary Ann Newbill
Mary Ann Newbill has assisted students, friends, and colleagues through many of life’s transitions. She has exceptional listening skills and a positive approach to life. She holds a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Michigan and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her experience as a counselor for over thirty years makes her uniquely qualified to work as a life coach.

Why Mary Ann Newbill Consulting?

  • “I recently moved with my husband to a new small town in a new state. At the same time our youngest child started college. Finding roots at age 50 is a challenge.”

    Life coaching is a partnership with you. A life coach helps you find your purpose; explore your options; focus your energy; live in the present while you clarify your future.
  • “My boyfriend cheated on me…again. I want to end the relationship, but something keeps drawing me back to him.”

    A life coach guides you; affirms you; motivates you; listens to you.
  • “For years I’ve struggled with finishing what I start. My creative brain takes on new projects constantly, but I rarely have the satisfaction of seeing them completed.”

    A life coach brainstorms with you; helps you consider, set, prioritize, and reach your goals.
  • “I’m not sure what it is. I just feel dissatisfied.”

    A life coach is not a therapist. A life coach doesn’t tell you what to do. A life coach doesn’t have a magic wand. A life coach is non-judgmental. Life coaching is based on trust.
  • “My 70-year old mother lives in her own house, with too many rooms and too large a yard for her to manage. I have my own home and family plus my mother to care for. She needs to downsize for my sake as well as hers, but she is reluctant to move.”

    You don’t have to face life’s challenges and changes alone. A life coach empowers you.