Mary Ann Newbill

College Consulting & Life Coaching

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Why Mary Ann Newbill Consulting?

...Because you are looking for the right fit where your student can learn and grow in a nurturing environment. Will this college challenge your son without overwhelming him? Will your daughter be happy on this campus? Are the college’s values similar to yours? Can your daughter be herself? Helping your student discover the answers to these questions is the job of a professional college counselor.
College admissions
  • Is there a knowledgeable college counselor at your student’s high school?

    Mary Ann visits colleges all over the nation. She provides personalized service through the college admission and application process.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of college information available?

    Mary Ann offers easy accessibility for answers to college-related questions.
  • Unsure where to start?

    Mary Ann has many years of experience successfully advising students and families through the college process.
  • Are you already sensing tension between you and your student?

    Mary Ann manages the process, thereby reducing potential conflicts between your student and you. But she keeps you in the loop with detailed email summaries of all meetings.
  • Are you thinking this service will be expensive?

    Mary Ann offers affordable pricing based on your family’s needs. Online payments accepted. Other than your house, your son’s or daughter’s college education is the most expensive investment you will ever make. Would you purchase a house without professional advice?