Mary Ann Newbill

College Consulting & Life Coaching

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Why Mary Ann Newbill Consulting?

  • Worried about choosing the “wrong” college?

    Choosing a college is all about the fit for you. To find a good match you first need to know some things about yourself. Both processes take some work, but the payoff is well worth it.
  • Is one of your concerns whether or not you’ll be admitted? Or that no “good” college will want you?

    What makes a college “good” for you has nothing to do with its U.S. News ranking. Understanding the admission process and having several “good” choices where you will be admitted is what college counseling provides.
  • You’re not in this alone. Mary Ann Newbill is a knowledgeable, experienced professional who has helped hundreds of students.

    Mary Ann will guide you through the admission and application process:
    • Providing assistance in choosing appropriate and beneficial high school courses.
    • Exploration of extracurricular options suitable for your goals.
    • National/international search for colleges and programs most likely to meet your needs.
    • Ascertaining your college vision and goals.
    • Explanation of all college-related testing and advice on choices, preparation, and schedule.
    • Management of college application process, including deadline calendar, essay topic brainstorming and feedback, and review of all applications.
    • Reduction of your anxiety and stress in the college process.
    • Convenient meeting times and ready access.
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