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Success Stories

“Thank you for giving Rob (& his parents) such wonderful support and direction.  We were very proud to see that he is graduating with academic honors, and has received other recognition for his contributions to his school.  He (we) couldn’t have done it without you.

Matt and Mary K., Parents

“Even though we had two children already graduated from college, we had no idea how to counsel our last child. Our youngest son wanted to be a music teacher. We were unaware of how different the process is for applicants in the fine arts. Mary Ann sat down with us and helped us set up a schedule for applications as well as a spreadsheet on music audition times. Many schools conflict since there is only an 8 week period for auditions. She also coached our son on the essays, the common application, teacher recommendations, and how senior grades do matter. Mary Ann clarified the schedule, kept our son on schedule and nudged him when he needed it. He listened to her, and thanks to her and his music teachers, he was accepted into the School of Music at the University of Minnesota, his first choice. We are so thankful.”

Cheryl G. – Parent

“Mary Ann Newbill has helped me through some very tough times as my life coach.  When problems and issues became too emotional or too difficult for me to figure out on my own, Mary Ann guided me through my confusion and indecision.  By asking just the right questions and encouraging me to keep focused on solutions, she helped me to resolve some very sticky situations one step at a time. Mary Ann helped me immensely and I appreciate her techniques, her patience and her ability to stay non-judgmental.”

Mary D., Life Coach Client

“Mrs. Newbill helped me to express all that I wanted to say but didn’t know how to gather on paper.  After talking through my application essays with her, I felt confident and reassured when it came time to finally submit my application.  I would recommend her services to anyone!”

Maddie, Student

“California and Stanford are still great. Although the work is hard, I feel very blessed to be here. I want to thank you again for all your help; you truly have made a huge difference in my life. Encouraging me to meet all those early application deadlines really paid off!”

Jean Paul, Student

“Trying to understand where to start when applying to Graduate school was really confusing. Mrs. Newbill made that process seem a great deal easier to navigate and a lot less scary!”

Lisa R., Student

“I was uprooted during the college process moving from Michigan back to Philadelphia. Thankfully Mary Ann was able to communicate about the admissions process over Skype sessions. She was available whenever I had a question about the international admission process. She was able to keep the process convenient and easy, and kept my anxiety to a minimum. Due to her help I was between my top schools! She gave me her advice and opinions and I ended up enrolling at University of Pennsylvania. I am now entering my senior year at UPenn and I could not have asked for a better experience. Now my time at Penn is drawing to a close but I have Mary Ann’s help and guidance to thank for getting me here. She’s been a great asset to my application process and a great friend since embarking to college.”

Gabriela, Student

“As parents of a high school-er, I would say, every parent and kid would always have thoughts about the future of their kid(s) and what they should do to get there. Some thoughts and assumptions may be true and others might be unsure. That is where we took Mary Ann’s’ help into our lives. She offers a wide array of college counseling services which are very helpful to us. Also, she is at ease of access anytime and always punctual when it comes to timely meetings. With all of these advantages in Mary Ann, she offers great affordable pricing and is overall a great college counselor for motivating and guiding kids and parents in the correct path.”

Raja & Ratha, Parents