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What’s “App” for UM and MSU for the Class of 2018?

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At our session at the Michigan Association for College Admission Counseling (MACAC) Conference last week Erica Sanders, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Michigan, and Jim Cotter, Executive Director for Admissions and Recruitment at Michigan State University highlighted this information about the new Coalition App option at their universities:

  • Neither university has a working Coalition App at this point; they both will launch the App for the Class of 2018. Erica stated that they were ensuring that the Coalition App and the Common App were as similar as possible.
  • Erica saw no need for MI students to use the Coalition App in the 2017-18 cycle unless they’re applying to a Coalition-exclusive institution.
  • MSU doesn’t expect many Coalition apps from MI students in the Class of 2018. Jim said MSU overlaps with 12 Coalition universities, mostly other Big 10 colleges. If a student is applying to one of those 12 and MSU, then they may see non-MSU specific apps.
  • Both UM and MSU emphasized there is NO preference for the app submitted. Do NOT submit both!
  • Check back for more updates in the months ahead.
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